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Protein Sequence Analysis & Design

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  • You will get a notification email if an email address is provided.
  • Please do NOT submit a query sequence (single or the first one in the MSA) of more than 500 amino acids, since our computational resources are limit. Please contact us for calculations on larger proteins or if you are interested in searching your sequence against the BFD database.
  • Please click HERE to download an example PDB file if you do not know how to do the calculations on a given PDB.
  • As this server definitely work on the calculations at the cost of time and resources, you are expected to help us to save energy and resources by submitting correct jobs.
  • The analytical results will be stored on this server for ONLY 21 DAYS!!!
  • Please report errors or bugs by sending your feedback HERE.
  • Last update: 01-25-2022


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