Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Leri For?

Leri Analytics (leri, also termed leria) aims to provide bioinformatics services for and solutions to both academic labs and industries. Leri delivers better custom solutions in the fileds of

  • protein rational design
  • protein folding in silico (improved from Sibe)
  • NGS data analysis
  • statistical analysis on data
  • deep learning & optimization
  • sequentially evolving neural networks (SENET)
  • as well as other omic data analysis

Q. How Can I Get Support?

If you have any questions about Leri, please drop an email of your problems.

Q. How Do I Start Calculations With Leri?

You can start compuations using both our web-server and local version of Leri.

Q. How To Prepare Your Data?

Details of data preparation can be found at

Q. Tips For Deploying Your Particular Pipelines?

If you would like to develop pipelines for your own specific purposes, please refer to and find more details on how to deploy.

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