Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is SATAY For?

SATAY is particularly suited to discover loci important for growth under various conditions.

Q. How Can I Get Support?

You can find all the details about SATAY on this website and the paper. You can also drop an email here.

Q. How Do I Start Calculations With SATAY?

Please prepare your data and then submit your job here.

Q. How To Prepare Your Data?

Please find more details here, and accordingly, make your data ready for a submission to our web-server.

Q. What Is The Data Protection Policy?

The data will be securely stored on our server and it will be deleted from our server after 7 DAYS. Since this server definitely work on the calculations at the cost of some time and resources, you are expected to help us to save energy and resources by submitting correct jobs. The results of your job will be public on Github under its Terms of Service. You agree all the Terms when you submit your job.

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