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Warning: How to prepare your data?
Warning: This web-server is to provide analysis service on sequencing data (usually 'big') that is special for SATAY, accordingly, please do NOT close the webpage when it uploads your sequencing data, since it takes serval minutes to hours, but that all depends on the size of your data and the network you are using.
☘ Please make sure there MUST be a file (*.zip or *.tar.gz), either DpnII or NlaIII, for each sample.
☘ Please download an example sequencing data for SATAY sequencing data analysis by clicking HERE (its size is ~1.8Gb) if you use this web-server for the first time. Warning: please double-check the example file is correct when you complete download.
☘ Since this server definitely work on the calculations at the cost of some time and resources, you are expected to help us to save energy and resources by submitting correct jobs. The analytical results will be stored on this server for ONLY 7 DAYS!!!
Please send us an email if you cannot get correct results.

☘ Last update: 2022-9-9.

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